Newspaper Guild Study Finds TV Labor Coverage "Scarce", "Negative"

The study found that the pattern of portrayal of unions was negative, with workers critical of unions more likely to be heard, and that news about labor and unions related to the field of education and the automobile industry included more governmental sources than labor sources.

The Guild is continuing to analyze the data collected, hoping it will provide clues to improving labor coverage in the national media.  The study also points out the need to labor to create its own communication vehicles in order to get around the news blackouts and distortions of network TV.

One way to help overcome media bias against unions is to support independent labor journalism.  As a step in that direction, CoD sponsor Prometheus Labor Communications is dedicating 25% of the revenues from its email hosting service LaborMail to help underwrite labor journalism.  And in western Massachusetts, Prometheus is partnering with the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO to launch the Union Victory Reporting Network, promoting grassroots labor journalism to help stem the tide of misinformation.