Mixed Reviews on Mailbox App

Daniel does point out a few shortcomings with the app, mentioning the lack of landscape mode support and inability to send outgoing mail from multiple accounts.  Still, his overall verdict is “for a first version, I think it’s great... totally looking forward to what they do next”.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of Forbes Magazine takes a more cautious approach. He finds the idea intriguing, but he’s holding off on using it for now due to a number of concerns cited in his posting, the foremost of which is “It’s a free service, so who’s picking up the bills, and for how long?”

One point both reviewers neglect to mention: Mailbox is only available at this time for the iPhone and Gmail.  However, you can have your incoming LaborMail messages forwarded to a Gmail account in order to use Mailbox or other Gmail-based products.

Here’s what Prometheus Labor Communications owner Steve Dondley had to say about the Mailbox app. “The best thing about the phone app is it lets you easily organize your email when you have some down time. It really makes it a cinch to organize your email just by swiping it to an appropriate folder. If you’ve got an iPhone and use GMail, I would definitely check it out. That said, if you spend most of your time answering email using a laptop or a desktop computer, it’s probably something you won’t get much use out of.”