Workers and Union Members Aren't People, According to Douglas Rushkoff

I might be reading too much into this sentence. It could be an example of a very poorly crafted thought on Rushkoff's part. But I think there's also a good chance this is a Freudian slip that provides insight into the mind of the elite class who are so far removed from the working class that they are able to dehumanize their lives and avoid feeling their pain. Now, there's nothing new about elites being aloof and detached from the experiences of the Average Joe; that's what makes them elite, right? But it's important to keep point out their detachment to prevent some of their truly shitty ideas (like the ones in Rushkoff's article, for example) from taking hold.

As for his larger idea about jobs being obsolete, I don't know where to begin. It strikes me as bizarre and doesn't seem to really jibe with reality (precisely because it doesn't take into account the lives of real Americans). And fixing and maintaining this country's second rate infrastructure can supply many millions of jobs for years to come. What I'm most worried about is that Rushkoff's ideas on jobs could be used as justification for keeping the unemployment rate high. I can see the Orwellian implications now: "Unemployment is a sign of progress!"