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Steve Stallone, ILCA

Steve Stallone, President, International Labor Communications Association

In our first Communicate or Die interview, we talk with Steve Stallone, President of the International Labor Communication's Association, to talk about his background and goals for the official organization of labor communicators.

What Every Labor Leader Should Know About Twitter


If you’re like the labor leaders I know, you don’t have it easy. Being responsible for the livelihoods of workers has got to be one of the most stressful jobs, up there with air traffic controllers and fire fighters. Every day brings a new challenge or crisis that just adds to the pile of other problems that you deal with. So when you’re told you should set up a Twitter accounting and add “tweeting” to all of your other duties and responsibilities, you’re probably inclined to laugh the suggestion right out of the room because the last thing you need is something else to juggle.

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