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Mixed Reviews on Mailbox App

Labor leaders often feel overwhelmed by the task of managing their incoming email.  What are the best tools out there for getting control of your inbox?  The highly-touted Mailbox iOS app has been getting some mixed reviews.

In a video review posted on YouTube,  Daniel of demonstrates the app’s ability to quickly archieve/delete incoming email, or treat incoming email messages as potential “tasks” and letting you assign deadlines by which you need to respond - “turn[ing] your inbox into a really good todo list”.

Labor Communicators of the World, Unite!

5% of unions’ communications program suck. And 94% don’t even exist.

OK. Maybe I’m exaggerating. A bit.

But, if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, we have to admit that many local unions aren’t getting their messages out to people. Heck, as the Recording Secretary of the Pioneer AFL-CIO in Springfield, Massachusetts, I myself cop to being part of the problem. I admit it. I could be putting in a lot more effort into our own communications program.

Obviously, I’m not interested in assigning blame. I want to solve our problems. I want to motivate people to think about, build, and execute solutions to help average people like us, so we don’t end up getting dominated by the rich and powerful forces who stand to gain from our division. You know that nothing short of the future of American depends upon us.

Workers and Union Members Aren't People, According to Douglas Rushkoff

In an article,, currently making the rounds on various social media sites, "Are Jobs Obsolete?," Douglas Rushkoff betrays a disconnect that exists in our society where workers are statistics that you read about, catch a glimpse of at the movies, or show up in the news when some vague strike or protest occurs. He writes:

"While this is certainly bad for workers and unions, I have to wonder just how truly bad is it for people."

"Organzing 2.0" Conference in the Big Apple this Sunday

If you didn't get the word yet, Organizing 2.0 is holding its 2nd conference in NYC this Sunday at the Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, 25 West 43rd Street, 19th Floor. It's called "Training in Online Skills for Labor and Social Justice Activists," and anyone who is at all interested in helping labor unions get organized online should definitely do their best to get there. Hope to see you there!

NLRB Successfully Defends Worker Online Speech

Last year, headlines were made when a woman was fired from her job in Connecticut for making disparaging remarks about her supervisor. The NLRB took up her case and the good news is that she won.

Jeff Crosby, IUE-CWA Local 201, Talks About His Small Press Victory

Earlier today, I wrote about some positive press coverage that a couple labor leaders garnered in a small newspaer in Lynn, MA for a fact-finding tour of the world's largest co-op in Spain. Jeff Crosby, President of IUE-CWA Local 201 and one of the leaders featured in the article, gave me the scoop on the story behind this story and how they got their coverage. Here's what he said:

Massachusetts Labor Leaders Get Positive Press

I found this great nugget of a labor story on a small newspaper website in Lynn, Massachusetts. It's about a couple of labor leaders who went on a fact-finding mission to Spain to learn about a huge worker's co-op to learn how they might duplicate the effort in a depressed area of Massachusetts. It's great to see labor leaders getting coverage like this.

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