FAQ About Communicate or Die

See the "Idle Pens are not mightier than swords" essay, this site's very first post. Some basic goals of this site include:

  1. To explain to the labor movement, both at the grassroots and leadership levels, what opportunities the Internet affords and why we cannot afford to squander them.
  2. To help the labor movement figure out what effective and efficient Internet tools are available to them and how to employ them.
  3. To share ideas, resources, and news between community members in order to help meet the above stated goals.
  4. Help community members network with others who are also interested in helping unions build an effective online presence.

Who runs this site?

This site was created by Steve Dondley, and is sponsored by his company, Prometheus Labor Communications, Inc. Prometheus Labor Communications builds websites and provides web hosting services for labor unions and labor-friendly organizations.

The Communicate or Die editor-in-chief is Jason Pramas, who also works for Prometheus Labor Communications. Learn more about him here. He makes all necessary editorial decisions, and will ensure that the Communicate or Die virtual community remains a pleasant place for all participants of good conscience. Standard rules of netiquette will be ruthlessly enforced. So everyone play nice...

When was this site launched?

Technically, the site was up and running in the latter half of March '05. However, it received no attention by Steve until early June when he actively started building it. Interestingly, the project was almost completely forgotten about by Steve. But words of encouragement from the site's very first comment rekindled interest for him.

Nice site. How do I get one?

This site is powered by a free software program called Drupal. It is excellent software that fits the needs of the labor movement quite nicely. You can download the software absolutely free of charge here. If you need help setting up and using Drupal, post your question in our help forum or, contact us at Prometheus Labor Communications.

Why can't anonymous users post comments?

Steve believes that trust, the foundation for all collaborative activity, requires non-anonymous communication. Also, by requiring users to register, it gives administrators the ability to block malicious users and link spammers from vandalizing our community.

Can't people just register with a fake name and remain anonymous anyway?

Yes. But most people understand the importance of using their real identities in a collaborative, professional environment. Although a handful may choose to hide their identity when posting to this site, it would be counterproductive to employ a complex identity verification system to try and stop them.